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“I had completely given up on yoga classes concluding they just weren’t for me.  Sarah’s yoga doesn’t feel like a class, it is something way more lovely. Sarah is very knowledgeable and has a gentle supportive and encouraging way about her, she invites you to really listen to what your body needs and respond to that rather than chasing pose goals.  I feel like I am starting from the beginning again with a totally different approach and I look forward to every session, rather than  getting through it and feeling good about having been.”

— Claire Callender

“I’m a busy working mum and found that the time in Sarah’s class was the most wonderful me time! I left each class feeling recharged and refreshed. Before I started I wondered if my body would be strong or flexible enough (especially since having a baby) and was happy to find that you can work at different levels within the class. Sarah checks in and if you have niggles, injuries, worries she puts you at ease and can give variations on the poses. I found myself managing more as I continued the classes which felt great. Sarah is a wonderful teacher and creates a lovely welcoming and fun atmosphere in her classes. I have also met such nice people there making it a great group to be part of.”

— Imi Forster Hughes

“Her unique approach focuses not only on the physical movements of yoga but on deeper listening & communication with the body. It actively & compassionately works at my level & has protected me from the overstretching I’d experienced in yoga classes at my gym. Although I’ve done other types of movement practice before, Sarah’s teaching has opened new ways of thinking & responding that has enriched other areas of my life, like mindfulness & meditation that informs a greater sense of well-being for the whole week.”

— Nadia Abdelaziz

"I loved the peaceful space that Sarah created. It was wonderfully indulgent & creative. I loved the freedom to shut my eyes & become absorbed in my own process. Sarah is a very skilled & gentle teacher.

— Anna Ash

“A gentle class held by a thoughtful, knowledgeable teacher. I would recommend it for any levels but particularly for beginners.” 

— Judy Willis

"Attending a Sound Site Somatics session with Sarah Gray, beautifully reset my body-mind connection. Relaxing & re-energising, & with the opportunity to consolidate this state with expressive artwork afterward, it was also deeply creative. I will be making regular returns for more of this experience!”

— Lucy Lepchani


“I really felt able to relax & enjoy & discover for myself my relationship to the sounding & the movement supported by clear directions from Sarah in movement & word. This is a gift to any student – to hold a space for self-discovery. Thank you.”

— Rosalyn Maynard

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