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Sarah Gray teaches individuals and small groups in South Devon.

She also teaches in other countries as invited or scheduled.

Centered on your needs

This session is for you.


This is a unique opportunity to say 'yes' to what nourishes you. Sarah facilitates sessions to allow you to calm your nervous system and explore experiential learning. Time of day, location and content is guided by you - please ask for a consultation today to discuss with Sarah your intention and interests in this practice.

Yoga Pose
Hands Together

Time to connect

Whether we work in a quiet studio space, your home or work, (or for an invigorating experience, in the great outdoors!) we are making the time for self-care and enquiry. Call it a coming home to one's self. To become more conscious of inner wisdom. To reconnect with our intentions. Sessions combine yoga (poses, breathwork, mudras) underpinned by experiential anatomy and somatic movement inspired by Body-Mind Centering.

Calm and creative

Coming from a background in theatre, choreography and art radio Sarah is open to sharing her art practice with you in a private session. These creative processes can include mark making, walking arts and improvised movement - Sarah blends guided enquiries from many practices to suit your interests. Please express at your consultation your desires for creative practices to feature in your private sessions.

Training Man
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