Sound Site Somatics promotes self-nurture and guides students to reconnect with themselves, each other & their environment.

Sound Site Somatics was founded by Sarah Gray in 2016 as a vehicle to explore somatics as a paradigm for art-making and performance training. 


Her research interests include the conscious experience of mind, body, and place in the context of ecological placemaking, community coherence, and the wellbeing of the individual.

Sarah Gray

teaching artist

of Sound Site Somatics

Sarah is an interdisciplinary artist, producer & teacher based in Dartington + Totnes, Devon.

  • Fully insured & certified Yoga Teacher

  • Specialises in hatha yoga inspired by Vanda Scaravelli

  • Training as Somatic Movement Educator in Body-Mind Centering®

  • First Class BA with honours in Theatre & Choreography

  • Collaborator of Sap Rising, tree charter branch for the Totnes area

  • Director & Secretary of Soundart Radio community station

  • Founder and organiser of performance art festival Stream

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Image by Biel Morro
Image by Chris Yang


Sarah explores sound as a medium of touch,
listening as an act of both giving & receiving,
& voicing as a means of expression & somatization
As part of self-led solo arts project Sound Journeys, Sarah produced a digital sound-walk for Dartington, presented at the Schumacher College symposium Language, Landscape and the Sublime in June 2016. For more information contact Sarah directly.


Sarah facilitates experiences
to offer up the opportunity to rediscover
our relationship to place.

Sarah explores landscape, memory, and ritual on rural and urban terrain. Her most recent work centers on the Dartington Hall Estate through walking, spoken word, and sound recording.


The exploration of the relationship between body and mind through first-person perception;
To directly experience; To pay attention to; To notice; 
To create the conditions for more choice.

In a world of information,

can we embody and grow our felt knowledge?


Somatics is sensing and feeling the relationship between body and mind.  By bringing greater awareness to our whole selves we begin to become present to embody the reality of this constant change.  

By turning in we limit how much we depend on the externals. 

Overcoming addictions and habits, being neuroplastic and available to respond - these are the benefits of regular somatic practice.  Developing this response-ability is a process! It is one where love and patience are required.  With regular practice, we develop a greater capacity for self-care and therefore community and place care.

"The key to physical, psychological and spiritual well-being lies in our Soma, which can perhaps best be defined as the essence of bliss or Ananda

arising from the core of our being"

-Frawley, D. 2013. Soma in Yoga and Ayurveda. Motilal Banarsidass: Delhi, India. p.13

For me, somatics practice is a process of deepening my sense of trust in myself and the universe.