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August Intensive: SUMMER HARVEST


a four-day yoga and somatic movement

programme led by Sarah Gray


❂ Bask in sunlight, bathe in woodland, meditate on the fire

❂ An opportunity for professional development and/or personal growth

❂ Enter into open attention and more conscious experiences of your environment

❂ Sessions in yoga, meditation, improvisation, somatic movement & other experiments in being present

❂ Embodied, creative sessions in the studio and outdoor woodland spaces in the local area


Coming soon - sign up for updates


Booking essential, deposit required



Spacious schedule with time for long, leisurely lunch breaks to go to the river or walk or sleep; hatha yoga; developing a movement improvisation practice together; explore meditation; guided movement improvisation processes; open-air actions through a somatics approach inspired by Body-Mind Centering®.



THE SUMMERHOUSE, Cholwell, Dartington

1 mile from Steiner School.

The Summerhouse studio has wooden floors,

kitchen, toilet and shower,

an outdoor seating area with lovely views

on secluded and peaceful, family Biodynamic Farm.


Maximum number of participants: 10


✐ What is your conscious experience of your environment?


In this programme we will explore different ways to approach our environment through movement improvisation, witnessing one another and sharing reflective dialogue. Without judgement and with non-ambition, we will gently attend to experiments in becoming more present. Working in the studio and in the open air, we are drawing from somatics practices of Body-Mind Centering, Authentic Movement, Contact Improvisation and Hatha Yoga inspired by Scaravelli unravelling old movement patterns and find more fluid freedom and choice in all we do. Together we can hold space for experiential learning inspiring anatomical and environmental discovery. This is a moderate level programme with some meditation and much movement improvisation. Some experience required.




"Attending a Sound Site Somatics session with Sarah Gray, beautifully reset my body-mind connection. Relaxing and re-energising, and with the opportunity to consolidate this state with expressive artwork afterwards, it was also deeply creative. I will be making regular returns for more of this experience!”

- Lucy, Creative Writer


“I really felt able to relax and enjoy and discover for myself my relationship to the sounding and the movement supported by clear directions from Sarah in movement and word. This is a gift to any student – to hold a space for self-discovery. Thank you.”

- Rosalyn, a movement teacher



August Intensive is a developing Site Lab.


Sarah Gray, founder of Sound Site Somatics is the leader of the project in Dartington, South Devon.


This is its first year of development led by Sarah Gray. The first cohort of community artists to August Intensive who participate in the site lab experiment are invited to consider joining a research group who reflect and plan for future open-air actions and possibly performative sharings in rural South Devon.



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